Margot, what does she enjoy doing?

Margot Frank and friends on the tennis court, around 1941. Standing from left to right: Lidy Schuit, Margot Frank, Hennie Coster, Bea van Overbeek, Ineke Beugelink, Annemarie van Ees. Sitting: Fita Weddepohl, An v.d. Burg, Tineke Cohen, Jetteke Frijda, Tine ten Kleij.
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Margot is an active and sporty girl. In winter she often skates and during holidays in Switzerland she goes skiing. Around 1940 she becomes a member of the tennis club Temmick at the Zuidelijke Wandelweg, where she also takes lessons.


The most important dates in Margot’s life.


'Margot should also be mentioned'

Jetteke Frijda was Margot's best friend.


Margot, a clever girl

Margot is a bright and diligent pupil who always gets good marks.


In the same period she spends time at a rowing club in Amsterdam with several classmates, where they take part in rowing races. In September 1940 they win a medal in Zaandam. One year later, just before the 1941 races, Margot is not allowed to be a member of the rowing club anymore, due to her Jewish identity. In response to these measures, her friends refuse to take part in the races.    

Medal which Margot and her teammates win at a rowing race in Zaandam, the Netherlands, on 8 September 1940.
Margot Frank (right) and her friend Hetty Ludel on the ice rink, winter 1937-1938.

Besides sports and school, Margot is also interested in religion. She regularly visits the liberal synagogue with her mother and in 1940 she becomes a member of Maccabi Hatzair, a Zionist youth movement. She also takes lessons from Rabbi Ludwig Jacob Mehler with other Jewish youth. In the Annexe she also studies very hard and, according to Anne, she reads about "everything, in particular about religion and medicine."

Photo taken during a Maccabi Hatzair cycling trip, a Zionist youth movement which Margot joins around 1940. Margot is seated first on the left.

Margot and I were taught by our Rabbi on Sunday mornings, who taught us about Jewish history. We always cycled home together. Margot was level-headed and good-natured; a very pleasant person.