‘The people who did all for us as Mr. Kleiman, Kugler, Miep Gies and her husband, as well as Bep Voskuijl and her father, are more than friends. We are indebted to them in every respect.’- Otto Frank, 7 July 1945

The helpers receive an award

Victor Kugler’s Yad Vashem award
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At Otto Frank’s request, in 1972 the helpers receive the Yad Vashem award ‘Righteous among the Nations’. This is an award for non-Jews who helped Jews during World War II.

We never forget, we still live with those in hiding and the pain remains, every day and especially 4th August.

Miep and Jan Gies
Museale Collectie Anne Frank

I couldn’t leave my best friends to the Nazis! I thank you for the award but to be honest, I don’t deserve it.

Victor Kugler; Vrije Volk newspaper , 5-6-78

The helpers of the Secret Annexe Until april 2015

Throws light on the important role played by the people who made it possible for the Franks to go into hiding


The helpers Without them it would have been impossible to go into hiding

They supply those in hiding with provisions and keep up their spirits


Everything is rationed Provisions are scarce during the war

The helpers organize coupons for those in hiding and shop for groceries 


Caring for those in hiding The helpers have many tasks

Such as writing to family members and keeping Otto’s businesses going


Arrested On 4 August 1944 those in hiding are arrested

Of the helpers Victor Kugler and Johannes Kleiman are also picked up