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Hi, I bought four tickets online for 12/06/14 at 19:40 I can also visit the museum before the scheduled time using always the same ticket? for example, coming to 19.30? thanks. - AFH: Dear sir, unfortunately the museum is only accessible from the time mentioned on your ticket.

michael, 20 - milano - Italy - 23 Nov 2014 Comment on: Online ticket sales

Hi! I bought Two tickets but in both tickets is written my name! Can I change only the name? Thank you! - AFH: You do not have to change the name, each ticket has it's own code.

Francesca, 21 - Cosenza - Italy - 30 Sep 2014 Comment on: Online ticket sales

Hi, me and my partner are visiting Amsterdam from 13th, and leaving on the 16th. We really want to come visit the museum, the online tickets are all sold out, is there a way we could get a ticket at all? Thank you. - AFH: dear Jo Chang, you can always buy a ticket at the entrance of the museum. If you visit early in the morning or after 15:00 hours, it is less crowded.

Jo Chang, 30 - London - United Kingdom - 12 Sep 2014 Comment on: Online ticket sales

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