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Annual Report 2012

The Annual Report of the Anne Frank House with an overview of the activities in 2012.

To the Annual Report 2012
  • Protection for bookcase

    4/15/2014 - Visitors to the Anne Frank House enter the Secret Annexe through a narrow doorway, passing the original…More

  • Theatre production ANNE

    4/12/2014 - On 8 May 2014 the theatre production ANNE will have its premiere at Theatre Amsterdam. The Anne Frank Fonds…More

  • Press ReleaseThe helpers

    4/11/2014 - The new temporary exhibition The helpers of the Secret Annexe opens today in the Anne Frank House.…More

  • Travelling exhib. Osaka 2012

    Anne Frank’s Diary in Japan

    2/21/2014 - The Anne Frank House is shocked that pages have been torn out of over 200 copies of Anne Frank’s Diary in…More

  • Press ReleaseThe Second World War in 100 Objects

    2/3/2014 - The marbles that Anne Frank played with before she was forced into hiding, which are now held in the…More

  • Press ReleaseRecord number of visitors

    1/2/2014 - In 2013 the Anne Frank House attracted 1,195,456  visitors, 42,568 more than the previous record of…More

Comments (169)

when my wife and I entered the "house back" ... we felt an incredible feeling ... that brought us into the difficult times experienced by the young Anne Frank ... during the second world war ... and since that time we have never most forget this experience ... the house of Anne Frank is a symbol and a sanctuary against all kinds of prejudice

Deusdedit Cleto Filho, 58 - São Bernardo do Campo - SP - Brazil - 26 Feb 2014 Comment on: The Second World War in 100 Objects

Even a photo of these marbles is moving for me. I can imagine the joy Anne had playing with these with her friends

Mark Povall, 68 - Durban - South Africa - 8 Feb 2014 Comment on: The Second World War in 100 Objects

I was in her hidden place seven years ago it was an experience that I never forgot and when I look at my granddaughter sometimes I think how sad she was at that age

Grace Marnotes, 74 - Chicago - United States - 5 Feb 2014 Comment on: The Second World War in 100 Objects

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