Ni Wayan wins

The winner of the 2009 Anne Frank photo competition ‘Sources of Inspiration’ is 14-year-old Ni Wayan Mertiayani from Indonesia. On 3 May, the day that the Anne Frank House marks its 50th anniversary as a museum, she will come to the Anne Frank House together with her sister for a VIP reception. The jury, made up of twelve talented young photographers from the international 2009 Joop Swart Masterclass, selected the photo she made at her home of a tree with a chicken in it.

Ni Wayan’s photo is connected with the theme ‘What do you wish for most of all?’, derived from the wish of Anne Frank to become a journalist and a famous writer. Ni Wayan’s wish is to be a journalist and to show the world what it means to be poor. She also wishes for better conditions for herself and for others. Her photo shows an important element in her life: chickens (in the tree beside their bamboo house), with which she, her mother and sister make a living.

The winning photo

“An intriguing photo… the shape of the tree, the chicken, the colour and the light. This and her other photos show her ambition to be a photojournalist, and they connect well with the theme. We talk about the world through photography, and she uses photography to talk about her world”, according to the jury notes.

Over 200 young people took part in the photo competition, using their photos to express their deepest wish. Anne Frank’s deepest wish – to become a journalist and writer – served as a source of inspiration. The Anne Frank House organised the photo competition in partnership with World Press Photo. The 2009 Joop Swart Masterclass selected the seven winning photos.

The winners

  1. Ni Wayan Mertiayani, Indonesia
  2. Ashleigh Walker, United Kingdom
  3. Alina Lazar Alina, Romania
  4. Elizabete Strigele, Latvia
  5. Raditya Fadilla, Australia
  6. Madara Sokolova, Latvia
  7. Maria-Livia Chiorean, Romania

The 2009 photo competition was the fourth and last edition of the competition.

The Anne Frank House would like to thank World Press Photo for their partnership.

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