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Anne Frank Timeline

On Sunday 8 May 2011, VE Day, the day which commemorates the liberation of Europe  from Nazi tyranny the Anne Frank House will launch the Anne Frank Timeline in 4 new languages; Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and French. This visual timeline places Anne Frank’s story in the context of important historical events.  The Anne Frank Timeline starts in 1914 with the outbreak of World War One and Otto Frank’s conscription into the German army. It describes Anne Frank’s story, the period in hiding during World War Two and continues through to today including the significance of the diary and the Anne Frank House. The timeline was first released in English, Dutch and German.

The Anne Frank Timeline includes exceptional photographs and audio and video fragments. There is a  TV interview with Simon Wiesenthal about his search for Karl Silberbauer, the SS officer who arrested Anne Frank and the others in hiding. The timeline also includes fragments of radio broadcasts from Dutch radio stations with one  of Otto Frank speaking at the opening of the Anne Frank House on 3 May 1960.

For the first time new interviews with eyewitnesses who knew the Frank family can be seen.  In one of these interviews helper Bep Voskuijl’s son talks about how his mother was nearly caught taking food to the people in hiding. In another Hanneli Goslar, a childhood friend of Anne Frank, talks about the first time she met Anne.

The timeline is part of the Virtual Museum, which was developed to mark  the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Anne Frank House as  museum. The BankGiro Lottery, the Anne Frank Fonds, the VSB Fonds , the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport,  made this project financially possible. The Anne Frank House and LBi Lost Boys  worked together on the development of the Anne Frank House Virtual Museum.

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