New Exhibition: Yours, Anne - A Girl Makes History

New Exhibition

Photo's: Mandy Klötzer

The Anne Frank Zentrum and Anne Frank House are pleased to present the German version of a new travelling exhibition Yours, Anne - A Girl Makes History. Today’s opening takes place in the Bundestag in the presence of Kristina Schröder, German minister of Youth and Family Affairs; Wolfgang Thierse, deputy speaker of the German Parliament; Jacqueline Sanders-van Maarsen, a childhood friend of Anne Frank and Albert de Mezquita, a classmate of Anne Frank. Also attending are more than one hundred young people participating in an international conference on remembrance. This conference – in the Dutch embassy in Berlin – begins this afternoon with an opening address by Wim Kok, chair of the Board of Trustees of the Anne Frank House. 

The exhibition portrays Anne Frank’s life story. Most of the images are from the Frank family’s photo albums. Chronological chapters connect the story of the Frank family to the 'bigger history': the rise of the Nazis and the Holocaust. The heart of the exhibition is the ‘Gedankenraum’ – a spatial impression of the Secret Annexe in Amsterdam where the Frank family spent more than two years in hiding. In this ‘Space to Reflect’, visitors can hear excerpts from Anne Frank’s diary.

Current Events Modules

The exhibition concludes with a number of multimedia modules that illustrate the present-day relevance of this historical period using four themes: identity, group thinking, discrimination and commitment.

Anne Frank exhibition Berlin

Guided Tours by Young People

After the debut in the Bundestag, the exhibition will tour Germany in the coming years. Young people serve as the guides at each location. In a two-day training, these youngsters learn about the exhibition’s content and background, the best way to present the information to their peers and how to make contemporary issues discussable.


The Anne Frank Zentrum in Berlin and Anne Frank House in Amsterdam created this exhibition in cooperation with the Dutch design firm Tinker Imagineers in Utrecht. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Youth and Family Affairs and the Aktion Mensch Fund provided the financial support for this project.

Youth Conference

Directly after the opening of this new exhibition, a three-day conference on remembrance commences with over one hundred young people, teachers and historians participating from twenty countries. They will address the question of how to actively involve youngsters in educational projects about the Second World War and the Holocaust and the importance of this for contemporary society.

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