6 July 1942, 70 years ago, the Frank family went into hiding.

In hiding

De draaibare boekenkast

It is 70 years ago today (July 6, 1942) that the Frank family went into hiding. The family has decided to go into hiding in the back of the building where Anne’s father, Otto Frank, has his business. With the help of a few trusted employees... he has refurbished this annex as a secret hiding place. Four employees know about the plan. They have promised to help…

The Secret Annex Online

Discover Anne Frank's hiding place


Two years

In July 1942, the people in hiding are unaware that they will spend more than two years in the Secret Annex. All that time, they will not be able to go outside and they will have to share the darkness and dampness of the hiding place, continually fearful of being discovered…

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