Anne’s Amsterdam Mobile App now available. Please note: Anne's Amsterdam will be decommissioned as of July 1, 2017.

App Anne's Amsterdam

Anne’s Amsterdam, the mobile App from the Anne Frank House is now available. With this App, you can explore the city and discover what happened during World War II. The city’s history during the war is depicted in an innovative and interactive manner.

Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

In english version.

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With this App you can collect thirty items in various locations in the city, such as places where Anne and her friends played, where they grew up and where they went to school. Because you find these items at specific locations, you will experience the city like you have never seen before. You will see personal stories, footage and unique war photos from the past as you are on today’s street. It is a powerful way in which the past and present come together.    

Anne Frank’s Amsterdam

The mobile App is a part of Anne Frank’s Amsterdam, a multimedia project that is about Amsterdam, Anne Frank and the Jewish community. Anne Frank’s Amsterdam is available in Dutch, English and German. Making the site available in other languages will create a wider audience of viewer interest. Moreover, it will enable English and German speakers to learn more about Amsterdam, especially the stories and events surrounding the city during World War II.

The creation of the Anne Frank’s Amsterdam App is a gift presented to the Anne Frank House from Repudo and LBi.

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