Anne Frank Exhibit & Google Cultural Institute available in 12 languages

Anne Frank Exhibit

The online exhibit Anne Frank: her life, her diary, her legacy is now available in 12 languages. Besides in English, the exhibit is available in Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Russian, Polish, German and Dutch. The Anne Frank exhibit has been specially created for the Google Cultural Institute and was launched in English in October 2012. Together with leading museums and archives, the Google Cultural Institute presents a collection of accounts of key events in the 20th century.

Google Cultural Institute

Online Anne Frank Exhibit

The online exhibit Anne Frank: her life, her diary, her legacy is now available in 21 languages.

To the online exhibit

The exhibit Anne Frank: her life, her diary, her legacy places the story of Anne Frank in the context of Nazi Germany and the Second World War. A unique aspect of this project is that, alongside material from the Anne Frank collection, it also shows images from other important archives, including those of Time Life, Yad Vashem, the Imperial War Museums and Getty Images, who are also partners of the Google Cultural Institute.

The partnership with the Google Cultural Institute is important for the Anne Frank House because it helps to fulfill its mission: to tell the story of Anne Frank worldwide. With this exhibit the Anne Frank House hopes to reach an even wider and younger audience.

The online exhibit

Some of the special items in the online exhibit are:

  • the only moving images of Anne Frank;
    a video extract in which Anne Frank’s childhood friend Hanneli Goslar speaks of her last meeting with Anne in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp;
  • the last film images of Miep Gies, the helper of Anne Frank and the people in hiding with her, in the Anne Frank House as she places personal documents in a display case (which you can also see on;
  • photos from the Life Photo Collection of a group of American students visiting the Anne Frank House in 1961;
  • colour photos from the Life Photo Collection of the Nazi era in Germany and the invasion of the Netherlands by German troops in 1940.

Today, June 12th, marks what would have been Anne Frank’s 84th birthday.

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