#annefrank2014 - ‘Share your story: What Anne Frank means to me.’

12 June #annefrank2014

Anne met vriendinnetjes
Anne's tenth birthday, Amsterdam 12 June 1939, Anne is second from the left.
Amsterdam , 6/5/2014
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On 12 June 2014, the 85th anniversary of Anne Frank’s birth, the Anne Frank House will be asking people to express what Anne Frank means to them 85 years after her birth. Please announce and share this via your online platform (platforms). Ask your audience what Anne Frank means to them and ask them to share this with us! You can do this simply by using our posts or by posting your own with #annefrank2014.

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  • Why? Anne Frank is famous all over the world. She wrote in her diary that she wanted to be significant, but what do people learn from her story and how can the Anne Frank house use this in their educational work?
  • When? On Thursday 5 June 2014 the Anne Frank House will post its first announcement on Facebook and Twitter. As inspiration,  examples of how others have been inspired by Anne Frank will be posted until 12 June 2014.
  • Which responses? Short statements, short stories with a photo or illustration are welcome as posts with hashtag #annefrank2014 via Facebook and Twitter.

I'll make my voice heard, I'll go out into the world and work for mankind!

Anne Frank, 11 April 1944

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I am so touched by her story and after visiting the Anne Frank House, I value her short life even more.

Pam Koumoutsakis, 55 - Montreal - Canada - 18 Jun 2014

I was just about the same age as Anne Frank when we read her book in Sunday school. I put myself in her shoes. She was much stronger then I ever would have been. Now, as I just turned 60 I am re reading her book. It is inspiring me to live life to its fullest and to deal with long lost feelings that devastated me as I read her book, learned about the effects of hatred on people and my own experiences of antisemitism growing up. Anne Frank reaches out of the book to help me forgive and live.

Joanne Levi, 60 - kettering - United States - 16 Jun 2014

Anne Frank is a role model to me, I have always been interested in her story. Not only have I read her book multiple times but I have also visited the museum. I have multiple relatives that are from the area where her house is located. I believe that she was such strong person and I also believe that the young kids of today should experience her story. Such a wonderful woman, who will always have a special place in my heart!

Autumn Baker, 22 - Coweta - United States - 12 Jun 2014

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