On 16 March 2015 Buddy Elias, the cousin of Anne Frank, died at the age of 89 in Basel, Switzerland, where he had lived for many years.

In Memoriam Buddy Elias

Buddy Elias in 2007.
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It is with great sorrow that the Anne Frank House has learned of the death of Buddy Elias. Buddy Elias was a cousin of Anne and Margot Frank, and also chairman of the Anne Frank Fonds (Basel, Switzerland), which administers the copyright on the diary of Anne Frank. Following a career as an actor, Buddy Elias dedicated himself to keeping alive the legacy of Anne Frank and the memory of all victims of Nazism.

He answered countless letters with questions about the history of his family and the diary of Anne Frank, and travelled the world with his wife Gerti to give lectures. He was deeply committed to the struggle against anti-Semitism and discrimination, and felt a special responsibility for the protection of the rights of children.

Buddy Elias and his wife Gerti during a visit to the Anne Frank House in 2010.


Buddy Elias was closely involved in the work of the Anne Frank House for many years, for example in combating the commercial misuse of the legacy of Anne Frank and refuting attacks on the authenticity of the diary.

The Anne Frank House will always remember Buddy Elias with the greatest respect and admiration. We express our condolences to his wife, his children, other relatives and friends.

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