New publication: Antisemitism: Past and Present

Antisemitism: Past and Present

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A new book Antisemitism: Past and Present, published by the Anne Frank House and Boom Publishers, has been released. In a concise style the author, Jaap Tanja, explores many facets of antisemitism; a complex phenomenon with its own history that, unfortunately, still rears its ugly head today. The book is suitable for both a broad audience and for use in education.

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Antisemitism: Past and Present

Read the column about the new publication: 'Antisemitism: Past and Present' by author Jaap Tanja.

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Where do stereotypes of Jews come from? Where does the boundary lie between an innocent remark and a malicious prejudice against Jews? What makes antisemitism different from other forms of hate crime? These are seemingly straightforward questions, but in reality they are complex, with multiple perspectives. The book Antisemitism: Past and Present provides insight into this complexity of antisemitism.


This informative book is accessible to everyone, but also has an educational aim. With the book the Anne Frank House aims to offer teachers of history, sociology and religion background information for dealing with the theme of antisemitism in the classroom. The book complements other Anne Frank House educational materials on prejudice and discrimination in general and antisemitism in particular.


Antisemitism: Past and Present is a 148-page paperback with over 50 full-colour illustrations, and costs €14.95. It is a fully revised and updated edition of the book Fifty Questions About Antisemitism (2005). The new book is available from all (online) bookstores, and from the Anne Frank House bookshop and website. It is available in both Dutch and English editions.