Launch of All about Anne with illustrator Huck Scarry

All about Anne

Tekenaar Huck Scarry met twee leerlingen
Huck Scarry and two pupils of primary school Vredeburg. Photographer Cris Toala Olivares.
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All about Anne, a book for children from ten years old, is being launched by the Anne Frank House today. The book tells the life story of Anne Frank, and answers all kinds of questions that children have about Anne Frank, the Holocaust and the Second World War. As well as photos the book features illustrations by Huck Scarry. 

Today in the Anne Frank House pupils in grade 7 and 8 from the Vredeburg primary school in Hoofddorp were given a copy of All about Anne, presented and signed by illustrator Huck Scarry and author Menno Metselaar.

Boek: Alles over Anne
The book "All about Anne" and illustrations by Huck Scarry.

What children want to know

All about Anne is the first book about Anne Frank based on what children themselves want to know. The Anne Frank House has collected their questions, and the new book answers them. For example: What makes someone Jewish? Why did Hitler hate Jews? Was Anne Frank good at her schoolwork? Was Anne afraid in the Secret Annexe? Did she get bored? Who betrayed her? Why has Anne become so famous?


The drawings by Huck Scarry also respond to children's questions. He shows how the bookcase opened and closed, for example, and how Anne's room looked when it was furnished. He also depicts all the rooms in the secret annexe in detail. The renowned illustrator, who lives in Switzerland, visited the Anne Frank House several times to create his drawings.


All about Anne is a hardcover publication, with many photos and full-colour illustrations, has 40 full-pages and 64 half-pages, and is available at € 14.95 in seven languages from the museum bookshop and online bookshop of the Anne Frank House.

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