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Bezoekers in kamertje van Anne Frank / Visitors in Anne Frank's room
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The Anne Frank House museum is preparing itself for a new generation of visitors by carrying out a major renewal project. Museum visitors will be given more historical context and in-depth information so they can gain a better understanding of the life story of Anne Frank and a deeper experience of her hiding place. The changes will leave the authentic character of the house intact. As well as the renewal of the museum, more space will be created for educational groups and visitor facilities, and there will be a new entrance area. The Anne Frank House will remain open during the work.

Ronald Leopold, executive director of the Anne Frank House, says: “Many of our visitors are aged under 25, and come from countries outside of Europe. So it’s important to go deeper into the historical context and the background to the life story of Anne Frank in the museum. We’ll be giving more information on what happened during the Second World War and the Holocaust, how it could happen, and what this means for us today. We’ll also go deeper into the history of the time spent in hiding and the key figures in the house. But of course we will retain the authentic character of the house: experience and meaning will always be our priorities.”

More space

As well as the new features in the museum the Anne Frank House will also gain more space. The former student flats on the Westermarkt square will be made a part of the museum, making space available for educational groups and visitor facilities, such as a cloakroom. The museum will also get a new, larger entrance area on the Westermarkt. The museum will remain open during the work, which will take around two years.

Development and design

Renowned exhibition designer Dagmar Von Wilcken will be responsible for the concept development and design of the museum route, and Bierman Henket Architects for the new entrance. Bruns BV and Salverda Bouw BV will carry out the construction work.

The renewal of the Anne Frank House has been made possible thanks to additional BankGiro Lottery funding.

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