Cold Case Diary

Glazen constructie ter bescherming van de originele boekenkast in het  Anne Frank Huis.
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Proditione Media is currently working on a production, ‘Cold Case Diary’, in which research will be carried out into the arrest of Anne Frank and the other people in hiding in the Secret Annex. The background to and the exact details of the arrest of Anne Frank are issues that many people still find very compelling.

Last year the production team approached us to ask for our cooperation, in response to which we shared our research into the arrest and gave access to the Anne Frank House before normal opening hours to allow filming.


We want to tell the life story of Anne Frank as completely as possible, so it is also important to take a close look at the raid that brought an end to the period in hiding. Dr Gertjan Broek, a researcher at the Anne Frank House, carried out eighteen months of research, investigated known and new sources and consulted a variety of experts. In December 2016 we published the results of this research and presented a new perspective.

New leads

Ronald Leopold, Executive Director of the Anne Frank House: “Despite decades of research, betrayal as a point of departure has delivered nothing conclusive. The Anne Frank House’s new investigation does not refute the possibility that the people in hiding were betrayed, but illustrates that other scenarios should also be considered. We are pleased that ‘Cold Case Diary’ is also carrying out research into the arrest and following new leads, and we are interested to see the results.”

Cold case diary

Website of the 'Cold Case Diary' production team:

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