Anne Frank House welcomes 1.266.966 visitors

Anne Frank House welcomes 1.266.966 visitors

Bezoekers in kamertje van Anne Frank / Visitors in Anne Frank's room
Visitors in Anne Frank's room in the Secret Annex (photo: © AFS / Cris Toala Olivares)
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The Anne Frank House welcomed 1.266.966 visitors in 2017. That is a high number in view of the renewal work that was started in the museum. The Anne Frank House stayed (and is staying) open during the work.

We started work on the renewal of the Anne Frank House museum in March 2017. The first phase of the renewal of the museum in the historic buildings has been completed. Museum visitors are now offered more historical context and in-depth information, giving them a better understanding of the life story of Anne Frank and an enhanced experience of the hiding place while leaving the authentic character of the house intact. The renewal of the logistics in the new building is currently underway, with improvements to the visitor facilities. The work will be completed in mid-2018.

'Of course we’re staying open'

Garance Reus-Deelder, managing director of the Anne Frank House, says: “It may sound quite off-hand, ‘of course we’re staying open’, but it’s no simple matter to welcome visitors with the same level of public service in a museum where renewal work is being carried out, especially if that museum deals with such a sensitive theme as the Anne Frank House. We’re asking an awful lot of our employees, local residents, and now and then our visitors too. If only because at the moment we can’t offer a place where our visitors can calmly reflect over a cup of coffee on what they’ve experienced in this historic location. Next spring we’ll have a renewed museum café, a more spacious entrance area with a cloakroom and an extra room for educational groups. We’re looking forward to it!”

Design and construction

Renowned exhibition designer Dagmar Von Wilcken is responsible for the concept development and design of the museum route, and Bierman Henket Architects for the new entrance. Salverda Bouw and BV Bruns BV are carrying out the construction work.


The renewal of the Anne Frank House has been made possible thanks to funding by the BankGiro Lottery, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Mondriaan Fund and the BPD Culture Fund.

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