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Annual Report 2016

The Anne Frank House is an independent, non-profit organisation. Read our Annual Report with an overview of activities in 2016.

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  • The Secret Annex Online

    3/12/2010 - The official celebration to mark the 50th anniversary of the Anne Frank House will be held in the Westerkerk…More

  • Anne Frank Huis. Museumbezoekers bekijken de introductiefilm. 
Anne Frank House. Museum visitors are watching the introduction film.

    Visiting the museum on 3 May

    3/12/2010 - On Monday 3 May, the actual anniversary of the opening of the Anne Frank House, museum visitors can expect…More

  • Documentary Otto Frank

    3/12/2010 - Director David de Jongh represents the life Otto Frank in his documentary Otto Frank, the father of Anne. More

  • Boekenkast

    History of the Anne Frank House

    3/12/2010 - New book: The Anne Frank House – A Biography.More

  • Graphic biography

    3/11/2010 - Later this year, around Anne Frank’s birthday on 12 June, a graphic biography of Anne Frank will be published.More

  • Death of Miep Gies

    1/11/2010 - "Miep looks like a pack mule. She goes out nearly everyday in search of vegetables, and then cycles back with…More