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Who was who in the Secret Annexe?

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Anne Frank in the Secret Annexe: who was who? is an extraordinary portrait of the eight people in hiding, their helpers and others in and around the shelter. The e-book, featuring many previously unpublished photos, depicts their life stories and how they related to each other, and describes the background to the period in hiding and its inexorable end.

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An extraordinary group portrait that stays with the reader

During the Second World War young, Jewish Anne Frank lived in hiding from the Nazis for two years. Everything she experienced, thought and felt, she confided in her diary. She was just as frank in her descriptions of the seven other people in hiding with her, and of the five helpers who endangered their own lives to look after them. Anne Frank's diary became world famous. Who were these people, how did they meet, what happened to them?

The Secret Annexe was so well set up that the people in hiding survived there for over two years. This e-book shows its background and organisation, the personal stories of all involved, their relationships and their fate. It offers many photographs never before published. The result is an extraordinary group portrait, that stays with the reader for a long time.

Anne Frank in the Secret Annexe: who was who?

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