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Newsletter October 15 2013

Anne Frank

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  Anne’s diary in the theatre and cinema
New exhibition


The new temporary exhibition “This play is a part of my life” – Anne’s diary in the theatre and cinema” was opened today in the Anne Frank House. The exhibition tells the story of the smash hit 1955 stage play ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, based on Anne Frank’s diary, and the 1959 film of the same name. The American actress Millie Perkins, who played the role of Anne Frank in the film, opened the exhibition.

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This play is a part of my life…

“…and the idea that my wife and children as well as I will be presented on the stage is a painful one to me. Therefore it is impossible for me to come and see it.”

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Museum Night

Visit the Anne Frank House during the Amsterdam Museum Night on 2 November. On this year’s Museum Night there will be a special focus on Anne Frank’s passion for film and theatre, and her dreams of Hollywood.

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