Anne Frank house - A museum with a Story (English) (Luxury edition) € 13.50

This luxury bound edition of the museum catalogue gives you a good impression of the Anne Frank House and its history.

Anne Frank's life is exposed with many unique family photographs. The historic photo material and the quotes from Anne Frank give an impressive image of the events during the Second World War.

Product number: 2001


*Ontwerpersduo Marga Scholma en Haico Beukers kreeg voor het linnen boekbandontwerp van deze luxe editie van de museumcatalogus de Scholco-bekroning 2000. Ook de uitvoering van het boek was een compliment van de jury waard.

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Available in Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese. Anne Frank Stichting 1999.

Color, hard linen cover with ribbon, 268 pages, 32x24.5 cm, 400 photographs.

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