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We are in daily contact with our followers on social media channels all over the world, and we are making increasing use of the possibilities offered by the internet in our educational work, both to contact students and to support teachers. And this year the annual report of the Anne Frank House is being exclusively published in an online version, so we can give you even better and more detailed information on our activities.

PDF Annual Report

Download the complete text of the Annual Report 2012.

Last year was an important one for the Anne Frank House. Together with our newly appointed managing director, Garance Reus-Deelder, and all of our employees, we were able to work on implementing the long-term strategic plan for our organisation. This plan will serve as the guideline for our activities in the coming years, and provide the framework within which we will develop our new educational activities. You can read more about these initiatives in the annual report.

This year and in the coming years we are faced with a number of major challenges. On the one hand we want to facilitate museum visits even more effectively, enhance the quality of those visits and make the experience even more impactful. On the other, we are a socially engaged organisation, and we cannot close our eyes to tendencies in society that stand in the way of the good functioning of an open, democratic, pluralistic society. Education is the keyword in our response to these tendencies, and we will maintain our commitment in this area.

Ronald Leopold, executive director

Amsterdam, April 2013