Israeli president Shimon Peres and Ronald Leopold, 29 September 2013.

The Anne Frank House is a museum and an educational organisation. Through the museum, our website and our international programmes, millions of people every year, many of them young, are introduced to the life story of Anne Frank for the first time. In 2013 the Anne Frank House received almost 1.2 million visitors from 95 different countries. That is both impressive and hopeful.

Annual Report 2013

Download the complete text of the Annual Report 2013 (pdf).

We are proud to have been able to share the story of Anne Frank with so many people, not only in the museum but beyond it as well. The beginning of 2013 saw the launch of our teachers’ portal. Featuring teaching materials and lesson plans on Anne Frank, the Second World War and themes such as anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination, it has been visited no fewer than 250,000 times. Together with our partner organisations we have presented educational activities in 47 countries, reaching around half a million young people. The preparation and presentation of these activities was made possible thanks to the commitment and hard work of over 6,600 volunteers.

At the Anne Frank House we see it as our ongoing task to constantly focus on an authentic and historically reliable presentation of the life story of Anne Frank, and of the history of which her life story forms a part.

We work in partnership with many individuals and organisations to carry out our activities, and we are committed to a democratic society in which people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs form a cohesive community. Material and financial support are also essential for our work. I would therefore like to thank all of our benefactors for their support, and express the hope that we can continue to rely on this support in the year to come.

Ronald Leopold, executive director

Amsterdam, May 2014