The Anne Frank House is a museum with a story. Visitors experience this story through quotations, photos, films and original artefacts such as the bookcase hiding the entrance to the secret annexe, the pictures in Anne’s room and her diaries. The atmosphere in the museum is authentic and subdued.

Annual Report 2013

Download the complete text of the Annual Report 2013 (pdf).

  • Anne Frank Huis. Museumbezoekers kijken in de kamer van Peter van Pels omhoog naar de zolder van het achterhuis.
Anne Frank House. Museum visitors in Peter van Pels' room are  looking up to the attic of the secret annex.

    Anne Frank House

    An important part of the life story of Anne Frank took place in the Anne Frank House. It is the place…More

  • Exhibitions

    Alongside the historic rooms, where the central focus is on Anne Frank, the Anne Frank House also contains a…More

  • Anne Frank Huis. Bezoekers in de centrale hal. 
Anne Frank House. Visitors in the main hall.

    Group programmes

    Many groups from the Netherlands and abroad visited the museum. Almost 1,000 groups from elementary and high…More

  • Historical and technical research

    In 2013 the Anne Frank House carried out technical research into the history and materials of the building at…More