Anne Frank’s life story helps to make the fate of millions of victims of the Holocaust personal and comprehensible. It is a story that begins with prejudice and preconceptions: issues that still lead to anti-Semitism and other forms of discrimination, exclusion and persecution in all parts of the world today.

Annual Report 2014

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  • Mission and aims

    The Anne Frank House works to preserve the Anne Frank House and the Anne Frank collection, and is an…More

  • Het Anne Frank Huis aan de Prinsengracht. The Anne Frank House at the Prinsengracht.

    Management and organisation

    Our directors are responsible for the management of the Anne Frank House. They are appointed by the…More

  • Anne Frank Huis. Eerste ruimte van de museumroute. 
Anne Frank House. First room of the museum route.


    The Anne Frank House does not receive any regular government subsidies for the museum, and is dependent on…More