Annual Report 2015 - Anne Frank House


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What can we learn from history? This is the key question that occupied Otto Frank’s mind after the war, and on which the Anne Frank House now bases its mission as a museum and an educational organisation. Because anyone looking at the world today can see that the question has lost none of its contemporary significance. In our museum and our educational activities we aim to explain what happened during the Second World War and the Holocaust, to offer insights into how these things could have happened, and to examine what this means for us today.

Annual Report 2015

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It gives great encouragement and hope to see that in 2015, 70 years since the end of the Second World War, public interest in the life story of Anne Frank and the Anne Frank House is still increasing. Almost half of our museum visitors are under thirty years old, and we are also succeeding in reaching growing numbers of young people through our educational activities. Time and time again we reconsider the ways in which we can interpret the life story of Anne Frank for the here and now so that, in the light of Anne’s story, young people can form their own opinions on issues such as antisemitism, racism and discrimination.

This year, and in the coming years, we are faced with a number of major challenges. On the one hand we want to facilitate museum visits even more effectively, and go deeper into the historical context and background of the life story of Anne Frank, without detracting from the experience of the emptiness of the secret annexe. On the other, we are a socially engaged organisation, and we cannot close our eyes to the turbulent developments in the world that impede the effective functioning of an open, democratic, pluralistic society. This means our mission is as relevant today as it ever was. Education is the keyword in our response to these developments, and our commitment in this area is undiminished.

We work in partnership with many individuals and organisations in carrying out our activities. I would like to thank them all for their hard work and commitment, and to express the hope that we will be able to rely on their continued support in the year to come.


Ronald Leopold, executive director

Amsterdam, April 2016