Annual Report 2016 - Anne Frank House


Iconen en Anne Frank
Ronald Leopold at the symposium ‘Icons and Anne Frank’ on 21 March.
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On 12 June 2017 it will be exactly 75 years ago that Anne Frank was given her diary, with its red checked cover, for her thirteenth birthday. Her diary would become one of the most widely read books in the world, and it is still relevant to current generations.

Nieuwbouw gezien  vanaf de Westertoren

Download the complete text of the Annual Report 2016 (pdf).

For 60 years the Anne Frank House organisation has been successfully carrying out the task entrusted to it by Otto Frank, which he expressed in one of his last interviews in February 1979: “… the organisation’s work is not restricted to maintaining the house. It also aims to raise awareness of the events of the dark years of the Second World War and the Holocaust, and to combat discrimination, prejudice and oppression in the world today.”

A major issue over the past year was the renewal of the museum, which was started in 2017. The Anne Frank House will be adapted as well as possible to the growing number of visitors, while still maintaining the quality of the visit and retaining the authenticity of the museum. The museum route will be enhanced by offering more historical context and in-depth information on the period in hiding. We have also made a start on developing a new, integrated digital strategy, with the aim of introducing as many people as possible to the life story of Anne Frank and encouraging them to reflect on the meaning of her life story for the present day.

In this annual report we look back on the goals we have set ourselves and describe the activities we have carried out with the support of numerous individuals and organisations. I would like to offer all of them my heartfelt thanks, and express the hope that we can rely on this support in the year to come.


Ronald Leopold, executive director

Amsterdam, June 2017