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Anne Frank, Wednesday, 8 July 1942

Memories mean more to me than dresses.

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I will struggle harder to be the better me and accept my foibles and frailties as Anne did at such a young age. I will try to face adversity and suffering with the same kind of dignity and resolve exemplified by her father Otto Frank. In this way they live on as role models for us all in perpetuity.

Susan E Ritter, 65 - San Francisco - United States - 22 Jul 2014

You read the book in school. You see the movies. You rattle off facts about who "Mr. So-and-So" was in the story. But, you don't quite get it. To you it is still a story. Then you walk in to the museum and you are in the rooms that she was in, like the story said. This isn't just a story. She was a life. All of her family and friends were lives. All of those who were lost in WWII were lives. And I am a life. I have the same thoughts and feelings as Anne did. All lives are equal no matter what race, religion, class, or what ever else. It is how you live them that determines your judgement.

Rachel A., 14 - United States - 20 Jul 2014

This book is so real. It's almost as if you are Anne and you are in the annexe and you can hear the bombs dropping . I don't think there would be a better way for people to remember the holocaust especially from a child's point of view

Jamie A R batters , 11 - Hamilton - New Zealand - 10 Jul 2014

Ms. Frank's book has always been one I have admired. Her diary introduced me to facts about the Holocaust and WWII. Her diary stirred a fire in me where I wanted to learn more. I believe it is because of her that I continue to advocate for civil and human rights for so many today.

Ian R Boyd, 41 - Emporia - United States - 6 Jul 2014

Anne war eine Jüdin und hat uns einen Blick in ihr verstecktes Leben gezeigt. Ich finde es nicht gut , dass man gejagt wird ohne wirklichen Grund. Sie war jüdin, aber das ist ja kein Grund. Wenn es um Rassenhaltung endet dies meistens nicht gut. Das kann wieder passieren und man sollte das verhindern!

Diana, 13 - Germany - 25 Jun 2014


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