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I read the Diary of Anne Frank when I was around 12 years old. I was very touched by her account of her life and how strong of a young lady she was. Now, I am sharing the Diary of Anne Frank with my 15 year old grandson. We were talking about different books and this one came up in out conversation. I found out that my grandson had read this book when he was in the 6th grade...more than 2 years ago! We are in the process of reading it again...together.

Mary, 66 - Southfield - United Kingdom - 5 Apr 2015

How can one read about this and not feel deep sorrow. This was an atrocity that must never be repeated.

Maura, 49 - United States - 2 Apr 2015

One day, perhaps, I would love to visit Anne Frank house.

Tammy Webb, 44 - Taylorsville - United States - 2 Apr 2015

This is life... right here. The love of life..We prevail.. We must never forget...thank you for keeping this and many other stories alive.. We inturn do our best daily to make sure this Never hsppens again.. They did not go gently into the night...

chrissa, 40 - Pittsburgh - United States - 2 Apr 2015

Anne's story never ceases to bring me to tears. The damage can never be undone, but I hope humanity can drive out the darkness that caused this genocide with love and tolerance for one another.

Coral , 23 - United States - 1 Apr 2015

The tour of the house was awesome. I know I will never be able to see it in person, and appreciate the talent and time that was taken to give me this chance.

Lynn Mullet, 67 - Wichita - United States - 1 Apr 2015