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I have always been interested in the holocaust and have been touched by the many stories and heroes that have come out of it. I have just started to research more about Anne Frank and i am completely amazed. How can such a brave and patient girl not go outside for almost two years, and always have a fear that someone may betray you but still have hope? She is a hero that should always be remembered in the hearts of everyone.

Hannah, 12 - San Jose - United States - 19 May 2015

She is such an inspiration for the young adults of this world. She talks about the struggles girls would go through into a situation like this

Samuel Figueroa, 14 - upatoi, ga - United States - 18 May 2015

This Place is amazing... Thank you For keep this history... The museum is memorably,,,,

John Edward Gañan, 27 - Pereira - Colombia - 17 May 2015

We read the play and even that was like a little exploration into the lives of the Franks and Van Pels. I am going to read the diary soon, I will most likely sob.

Jessie, 13 - Tallahassee - United States - 15 May 2015

I hope someday i will have the chance to visit this house museum. I will never forget Anne. She is always an inspiration. Thank God for you dear Anne! Shalom, Paula

Paula Filipa Saraiva Fernandes, 44 - Almada - Portugal - 13 May 2015

Every time I revisit the story of Anne Frank and her lovely family, my heart aches for what happened in Amsterdam and all over Europe. So many beautiful souls lost senselessly forever. The world should never forget.

Michael Tucker, 66 - Wausau, Wisconsin - United States - 13 May 2015