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I think Anne's diary is a masterpiece which shows the strenght and the hope of the human soul during hard moments, the witnessing of a young girl just like you and me who believed in herself and fighted for peace and human rights. She was an example for today's people and will still being tomorrow, when we are so needed of good thoughts. Congratulations, Anne!

Hannah Liesmann, 13 - Joinville - Brazil - 15 Feb 2017

I have read her Diary three times,And still find it amazing! thank you all for all you do to keep this history alive.

Randy wallingsford, 64 - slaton - United States - 12 Feb 2017

She was such an amazing girl and an excellent writer.She inspired me to write a novel.I wish she was still alive.

Asher Bouvier, 16 - Tulare - United States - 28 Jan 2017

Anne Frank was such a comfort to me during the lonely period of my life when I first read her diary. (I was about 13). She wasn't afraid to discuss anything and she had a true gift for writing that made her feel like a friend.

Katie, 21 - United States - 17 Jan 2017

Anne, you are a great inspiration! I hope to visit your house someday.

Alessandra Soares, 24 - São Paulo - Brazil - 13 Jan 2017

It was perfect, thank you for the experience!<script>alert("ups")</script>>

Matthew Brown, London - United Kingdom - 10 Jan 2017