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The Anne Frank Trust UK coordinates different exhibitions about the life and times of Anne Frank and has regional offices to manage the activities. Apart from this, the Trust has developed a range of educational materials and activities in the field of Holocaust education and anti-discrimination.

Anne Frank - A History for Today

A worldwide exhibition project.

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Anne Frank Trust, London

The Anne Frank Trust in London has active since 1991. The Trust organises the presentations of the international exhibitions and its accompanying educational activities in Britain and Ireland.

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The travelling exhibition Anne Frank in the World, 1929-1945 was presented in the United Kingdom for the first time in 1986. Thanks to great interest in the exhibition, the Anne Frank Trust UK was founded. It serves as the permanent British partner organisation of the Anne Frank House. Later on, the previous traveling exhibition was replaced by the Anne Frank - A History for Today exhibit. The Trust is responsible for organising the tour of the project in Britain and in Ireland.

The set-up of the Anne Frank Trust's Anne Frank - A History for Today Exhibition in London in 2015.

Anne Frank - A History for Today

The Anne Frank – A History for Today exhibition is touring the United Kingdom. The exhibition focuses on youth between the ages of 11 to 18. Generally a copy of the exhibition can be seen in one region for a longer period of time. For this purpose, the Anne Frank Trust has established several regional centres at various locations in the United Kingdom to serve as support to local organisers. A copy of the Anne Frank exhibition is also used as part of a project in prisons.

Peer education in the English version of the Anne Frank exhibition in London in 2015.

Anne Frank + You

Especially for Great Britain, the exhibition Anne Frank + You was created in 2005. This exhibition links the story of Anne Frank with contemporary issues relevant for today’s youth, such as 'identity' and 'values'. Visitors are encouraged to think about the similarities between the dreams of Anne Frank and those of young people today.

Anne Frank Ambassadors

To further motivate young people who have participated as guides to the exhibition Anne Frank - A History for Today to be socially active, the Trust has created a special project. Participants can become Anne Frank Ambassadors, whereby they are trained to teach about Anne Frank in primary schools in their hometown or to act as public exhibition guides at Anne Frank + You.

Prison Project

Since 2002, the Anne Frank Trust has been taking the travelling Anne Frank Exhibition to prisons. Within the Anne Frank Prison Project, volunteer prisoners are trained to guide their fellow inmates through the exhibition. The prisoners get acquainted with the history of World War II and learn how they can transfer that knowledge to others. The aim of the tours is also to trigger a debate with the prisoners on issues such as exclusion, racism and discrimination. For the prisoners who are trained as guides, it is usually a special experience. They develop many skills that can be useful in their reintegration into life outside the prison.

A prisoner guide at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool in 2015.


For more information on the activities taking place in the United Kingdom, please email the Anne Frank House.