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The exhibition Reading and Writing with Anne Frank tells the story of Anne Frank and WorldWar II. A part of the content focuses on Anne Frank as a writer: what books did she read, what inspired her and how important was it for her to write?

At school

Tips and materials for working with this exhibition


The Exhibition

Reading and Writing is a travelling exhibition for children ages 9 to 15. Special lesson material with partical assignments that encourage the students to use their writing skills are available.

The exhibition Reading and Writing with Anne Frank.


The exhibition is supported with different kinds of workbooks for students, along with a historical film clip and a variety of manuals for teachers and exhibition supervisors.

In the workbooks, students get to reflect on the story of the Frank family and how this takes place against the large historical events of the Second World War. They read excerpts from the diary of Anne Frank and try to connect it to their own environment. They are also encouraged to think about issues such as identity and talent, while they come up with their own poem or piece of writing.

More information about the exhibition and educational material can be found in the teacher's portal.

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