Newsletter, 30 April 2015

Anne Frank

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  New exhibition in the Anne Frank House
Fritz Pfeffer, Anne’s roommate


Today a new exhibition opens in the Anne Frank House that is devoted to a relatively unknown member of the group of people in hiding in the Secret Annexe: Fritz Pfeffer, better known as ‘Albert Dussel’ in Anne Frank’s diary. Pfeffer’s grandsons Kip and Michael Pepper have flown from the USA especially for the opening. Today also marks the anniversary of Fritz Pfeffer’s birth.

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The real 'Mr. Dussel'

The temporary exhibition looks at the real ‘Mr Dussel’, the oldest of the eight people in hiding in the Secret Annexe. Although the diaries mention him often, Anne rarely writes anything nice. Here, photographs, interviews and personal papers provide a portrait of Fritz Pfeffer, his life before the war, and his fate. 

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