Schilderij geschonken

Eva Schlöss en Cindy Lass voor het schilderij.
Kunstenares Cindy Lass heeft haar schilderij ‘Anne had No Time to Blossom’ aan de Anne Frank Stichting geschonken. Het schilderij laat de beroemde kastanjeboom zien die Anne Frank vanuit het zolderraam van het achterhuis kon zien. De overhandiging vond op 3 mei plaats, tijdens het 50-jarig bestaan van het Anne Frank Huis, in het bijzijn van Eva Schlöss-Geiringer, de stiefdochter van Otto Frank. Cindy Lass en Eva Schlöss zijn bevriend en wonen beiden in Engeland.

De Anne Frank Stichting is bijzonder verheugd met het schilderij, dat inmiddels een mooie plek op kantoor gekregen heeft en voor alle medewerkers en relaties van de stichting te zien is. Het bijschrift naast het schilderij is van Cindy Lass en luidt: "When I first saw Anne Frank’s tree it looked bare and unwell. It reminds me sadly that Anne was never given the opportunity to blossom and grow. I wanted to paint the tree in full bloom to show that we all have the right to blossom. Please enjoy this painting and appreciate our life together and be kind and understanding to all. Love Cindy"


Firstly I would just like to say how honoured and delighted I am to be here on such a memorable day. It’s such a huge privilege to give the Anne Frank House this painting on its 50th year open to the public. I can only hope its message: ‘Everyone Has The Right To Blossom’ will live on for future generations to come.

Eva, you are such an exceptional woman, you are such a inspiration to me with all the good work you still do – I feel truly blessed our paths have crossed. Today we are all making positive history together.

If there are fifty different types of trees in a park, does the universe pick which one gets watered? No, because they all do! If you strip off our physical looks, beliefs and everything – you will find we all have the same heart – pumping to the same beat … all over the world. I believe that the human race is like our mothers necklace. We are all linked together inspite of our differences. Though we are closely linked, we must remember to allow each other our space and our freedom to be: we should marvel at our different cultures and embrace our different views together.

Thank you to all at the Anne Frank House I know you will enjoy this painting as much as I have loved creating it.

Sadly Anne and millions of others were not given the respect and freedom they deserved. Please let the message live on ‘Everyone Has The Right To Blossom’.

Speech Cindy Lass, 3 mei 2010


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