For teachers and professionals

Annual Report 2017

The Anne Frank House organises workshops, training programmes and meetings for teachers and trainee teachers in the Netherlands and abroad. We also support professionals who play a role in promoting equal treatment and safeguarding human rights.

Partner schools

The Anne Frank House has started a partner schools project, and works with a number of schools in a long-term relationship centred on the themes of prejudice and discussion. One of these schools is the Calvijn College in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

‘The Calvijn College wanted to initially tackle the subject with teachers. We started with a study morning on how prejudice and stereotypes work. In workshops we explored the ways in which prejudice can play a role in your own attitudes and how you can consciously deal with them as a teacher.’

Meeting for police

Discrimination manifests itself in many ways, and is an age-old phenomenon. Combating discrimination in society calls for constant vigilance. This requires an active approach, also from professionals such as the police. What are the possibilities to tackle discrimination? And what is the role of the police in this? In 2017 these themes formed the basis for eleven training programmes and study days that we organised especially for police officers.

Autumn lectures

Dealing with discrimination: from theory to practice! is a series of three autumn lectures organised by the Anne Frank House for a range of professionals: teachers, youth workers, teacher trainers, police employees and government personnel.

  • On 12 October Prof. Jelle Jolles (VU University Amsterdam) explained the possibilities and impossibilities of the adolescent brain.
  • On 19 October Dr Jelle van Buuren (Leiden University) gave a lecture on conspiracy theories.
  • And on 26 October Dr Peter Burger (Leiden University) clarified the working of ‘fake news’.

A total of 75 professionals attended the lectures. After each lecture they shared experiences and insights with each other.