Annual Report 2017

The Anne Frank House does not receive any government subsidies for the museum, and is mainly dependent on museum visits for its income.

For the financing of major initiatives concerning the museum and for educational projects in the Netherlands and abroad the Anne Frank House depends on the support of charitable funds, individual donors and grant-giving bodies such as the European Union and the Dutch government.

Project support

  • The BPD Cultural Fund made a donation of € 50,000 for the new diary room and the innovative diary display cases.
  • As the owner of the manuscripts of Anne Frank, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science also made a contribution to the new diary display cases.
  • The Mondriaan Fund financed the new public presentation of the manuscripts of Anne Frank in the museum, and supported the development of new security procedures in connection with the renewal of the museum.
  • The German Foundation for Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future supported the development of the European online learning tool on antisemitism and discrimination against Roma and Sinti, Muslims and LGBT people.
  • Through its Erasmus+ programme the European Commission also supported the development of the online learning tool for teachers to open up antisemitism and other forms of discrimination for discussion in the classroom.
  • The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport supported the development of educational projects in the Netherlands and enabled a representative of the Anne Frank House to take part in the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

BankGiro Lottery

The Anne Frank House has been a beneficiary of the BankGiro Lottery, which funds cultural projects in the Netherlands, since 2007. We receive an annual donation of € 200,000. In 2017 we received an additional € 33,728 thanks to the BankGiro Lottery participants who stated that they wished to play for the benefit of the Anne Frank House.

In 2017 the renewal of the museum was started thanks to the earlier additional contribution of € 910,000 by the BankGiro Lottery.