Anne Frank Collection

Objects with a history

We collect original items that are connected to the history of Anne Frank. Otto Frank was instrumental in the formation of our collection. Discover the stories behind these pieces.

Opekta recipe booklet

Opekta recipe booklet

How to make your own jam

Otto and Fritzi Frank with the guests at their wedding (Amsterdam, 1953)

Wedding photo of Otto and Fritzi

Otto Frank’s second marriage

Portrait photo sheet of Margot Frank (1939)

Sheets of portrait photos of the Frank family

48 different portrait photos

The cotton bag carried home by Otto Frank

Cotton bag

Personal property of Otto Frank

Children’s gramophone

Children’s gramophone

Gift on the occasion of Anne’s birth

Margot Frank and her grandmother, Rosa Holländer-Stern (1929)

Photograph of Margot with Rosa Holländer-Stern

Hand in hand with grandmother in Aachen

Oscar for Shelley Winters

The Oscar for Shelley Winters

Academy Award for her role in The Diary of Anne Frank

Postcard from Edith Frank to Gertrud Naumann

Postcards and letters from Edith

Mail for Gertrud

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