Wedding photo of Otto and Edith

The bride and groom with family members

Otto and Edith married in the synagogue in Aachen, Germany, on 12 May 1925. After the ceremony, they had a luxurious dinner with Rhine salmon and mayonnaise, veal ragout with truffles, and stuffed morels, and ducklings with compote and salad, ice cream, cake, and mocha.

In the photo, we see Edith standing next to her father, Abraham Holländer, with Edith’s mother, Rosa Holländer-Stern, in front of him. Otto’s mother, Alice Frank-Stern, is sitting in front of Otto.

On their fourteenth wedding anniversary, in 1939, Otto wrote Edith a letter. In it, he described their marriage as harmonious, united, tolerant, and dedicated, in spite of their difficulties.

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