Margot’s rowing medal

Exercising with friends

On 8 September 1940, Margot and her three teammates won first prize in a rowing match in Zaandam for style rowing. Margot was a member of the ‘Society for the Promotion of Water Sports among Young People’ (‘Vereeniging ter Bevordering van de Watersport onder Jongeren’). As a result of the anti-Jewish measures, the Jews were excluded from everyday social life. Margot, for instance, was not allowed to take part in the 1941 rowing matches. Her teammates showed solidarity and refused to take part, too.

‘We had won several years in a row. We trained often. When we heard that Margot could not row anymore, and that Roos van Gelder was not allowed to train us any longer, we were so angry, that we decided unanimously to go on strike.’

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