Principles of Botany

Anne’s last birthday present

For her fifteenth birthday, Anne’s parents gave her a book on plants. In her diary, she wrote:

‘My birthday has come and gone, so now I’m 15. I got quite a lot: the 5 Springer books, a set of underwear, two belts, a handkerchief, two yogurts, a jar of jam, 2 honey cakes, a (pocket) botany book from Father and Mother. A gold-plated bracelet from Margot, Patria book v.P., biomals tonic and sweet peas and vetchling Pf, candy Miep, candy and notebooks Bep and the grand finale, the book Maria Theresia and 3 slices of full-cream cheese from Kugler. From Peter a nice bouquet of peonies.’

In 2012, the Anne Frank House acquired the book on botany, with the inscription: Anne Frank, 12 June 1944, annex.

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