Conservation and management of the Anne Frank Collection

Loan requests

Objects from the collection of the Anne Frank House are available for loan, provided they are in good condition and the applicant meets the conditions for transport and use.

Objects from the collection are available for loan if the following conditions are met:
•    The loan request should be made at least three months before the desired start of the loan. Requests for foreign loans should be made six months in advance.
•    Loan requests should include:
-    the borrower’s name and address
-    contact name and details
-    a current facility report from the borrowing institution
-    context and purpose of the proposed loan (for instance an exhibition) and a short description of the project
-    the dates and venues where the loan will be shown
-    information on the requested object(s).

•    All loan requests must be made in writing. Please send your request to the Anne Frank House, Collections dept., Attn. Ms Teresien da Silva, P.O. Box 730, 1000 AS Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Whether an object is lent out, depends on its availability and the reason for the request, among other things.

Costs of the loan

All costs involved in the loan are borne by the borrower. These include the costs of a condition report, packaging, insurance, and transport.

Further information

If you require further information about a loan, please call the Collections & Presentations Department at +31 (0)20 5567100 or use the contact form and put ‘Loans’ in the subject heading.

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