Inside the museum

Life in the Secret Annex

Huck Scarry’s drawings

The temporary exhibition 'Life in the Secret Annex - Huck Scarry’s Drawings' displays the beautiful illustrations that Scarry drew for the book ‘All about Anne'. In addition, many other illustrations, sketches, and studies are shown.

For ‘All about Anne', a book about Anne Frank's life for children of 10 years and older, Huck Scarry spent several days drawing and sketching in the museum, especially in the Secret Annex. His work is characterised by his attention to detail, for instance in the illustrations of the bookcase, the blinded windows, and the furnishing of the rooms in the hiding place. Scarry also drew a number of well-known scenes from Anne's diary, such as Anne's friendship with Peter, the view of the chestnut tree, and the helpers’ visit to the Secret Annex.

In addition to the original colour illustrations and sketches, the exhibition includes a number of life-size prints. Scarry wrote the texts and captions himself. The exhibition is on display until 1 November 2019.

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