Online Museum Tour

Visit from home

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House in person, you can book an Online Museum Tour.

What does an Online Museum Tour look like?

Our museum employee will take you virtually through the hiding place of Anne Frank and the other people in hiding. You will receive background information about the people in hiding, the helpers and the premises. Why did the Frank family had to go into hiding and why did they hide in this particular building? Who were the other people in hiding and what was their everyday life like?

Our museum employee will virtually show you the current museum spaces and furnished Secret Annex where you can look 360 degrees around. Information will be given about the particularities of the rooms and the objects that can be seen there. And of course the diary will be discussed and you can ask questions.

Practical information

An Online Museum Tour takes place via Microsoft Teams and lasts approximately 60 minutes. You do not need a Microsoft Teams account to follow it. You can participate in the tour via the link that we will send you. You will be virtually let in five minutes before the tour starts. We appreciate it if you have your camera on, your microphone is off by default. You can ask questions via the chat function of Teams. For the Online Museum Tour you need a computer or tablet with sound, a stable internet connection and Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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If you would like to visit the Anne Frank House online with your class, you can book an Online Museum Tour for schools.