Statement Ukraine


March 2, 2022 — We at the Anne Frank House, like so many others, are shocked, worried and outraged by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops; an aggressive act of war against a country that simply wants to follow a path of freedom and democracy.

The Anne Frank House has a special and long-standing bond with Ukraine: we have been carrying out educational projects together with local organisations there for over twenty years. We are following developments with great concern, and trying to stay in contact with our partners to support them and find out how we can help them in this tragic time.

Brutal power politics and merciless violence once more have Europe in their grip. The consequences of this in the short and long term are uncertain. Let us hope that what we have learned from history has not been in vain, and that the international legal order will ultimately prevail.

‘What's the point of the war? Why, oh why can't people live together peacefully? Why all this destruction?’