Tackling antisemitism and racism in football

Millions of people worldwide enjoy football, but it is a painful reality that racism and discrimination are creeping into the sport. To combat this, the Anne Frank House has developed training programmes to tackle these issues, promoting open discussions about prejudice and discrimination in football, emphasising its power to unite us all.

The Fancoach project 

An educational programme for football fans

The Fancoach project is an initiative from the Anne Frank House to tackle discriminatory behaviour in and around football stadiums. A one-day programme helps supporters explore their own city and learn about the impact that offensive chants have on other people. The project was developed in partnership with several Dutch professional clubs – Feyenoord, FC Utrecht, and AZ Alkmaar – that recognize the importance of promoting a discrimination-free environment both in and outside the stadium.

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Towards a Galgenwaard Stadium for everyone | Short

Fair Play workshop

On discrimination and respect in football

The Fair Play workshop empowers young footballers, helping them to recognise and address discriminatory and hurtful remarks, promoting respect, sportsmanship and inclusivity. By exploring different types of discrimination on and off the pitch, participants learn to think about their own behaviour and choices, fostering a culture of fair play in professional and amateur settings, including schools and youth programmes.

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Masterclass | Tackling antisemitism and racism in football through education on and off the pitch

The Anne Frank House offers a masterclass showcasing our initiatives to eliminate antisemitism and racism in football stadiums and amateur clubs. The session will take you on a trip through our educational projects, and look at some of the issues we encountered working with football fans and young amateur players. It explores the achievements and lessons learned. Ultimately, the masterclass highlights that countering antisemitism and racism in football requires a common effort by football clubs, football associations, NGOs and local government bodies.

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Research into one club’s pro-LGBTQIA+ initiatives 

The Verwey-Jonker Institute and the Anne Frank House conducted a study this year on LGBTQ+ initiatives implemented by the Telstar football club from IJmuiden, in the Netherlands. The introduction process, challenges faced and effects achieved were mapped through interviews. The research aims to provide tools for other sports organisations to adopt similar initiatives, while also hoping that a positive message from a football club will resonate throughout the surrounding community.

The report is currently only available in Dutch.