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The Fancoach project is an initiative by the Anne Frank House to tackle discriminatory behaviour in football stadiums. During a one-day programme, football supporters explore their own city and learn about the impact that offensive chants have on other people.

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About the Fancoach project

The Fancoach project offers football fans an immersive one-day programme to raise awareness about the wider impact of discriminatory language and behaviour in the stands. A guided tour of their own city focuses on their shared passion and love for their club. Along the way, fellow supporters who have been personally affected by hurtful chants share their stories, creating a powerful and poignant experience.

Professional football clubs have taken a stance against unwanted chants in the sport, publicly condemning such behaviour and taking steps to address it. While some clubs focus on imposing penalties, others have implemented educational initiatives to raise fans’ awareness about the negative impact of discriminatory language. 

Anne Frank House research into antisemitism in Dutch classrooms found that many incidents were directly and indirectly related to antisemitism in football. In response, the Anne Frank House collaborated with three football clubs, Feyenoord, FC Utrecht, and AZ Alkmaar, to develop the Fancoach project and local tours. Through this initiative, Dutch football clubs are taking a stand against discrimination by emphasising to their fans that there is no place for hate or intolerance within or outside their stadium.

Local tour

Each tour is tailored specifically to that club’s city. Beginning with an exploration of antisemitic chants, which are given particular attention, the tour also acknowledges and addresses other forms of discriminatory language. Through this process, supporters gain a deeper understanding of their own city’s history and culture, as well as the harmful consequences of unwanted chants.

Multiple narratives 

During the tour, supporters come together to discover the Jewish history of their club and city, weaving multiple stories into one. The day’s activities bring supporters face-to-face with Jewish fellow fans, bonding over their shared love and passion for the club. They also visit local landmarks associated with the Holocaust, such as memorials and hiding places used by Jews during the Second World War. Through this unique experience, the stories of the football club, the city and Jewish history converge, creating a powerful shared narrative.


This year on the Dutch National Remembrance Day, 4 May, FC Utrecht, the Anne Frank House, and the JoU Foundation joined forces to launch the documentary ‘Towards a Galgenwaard Stadium for everyone’ by Stefan Rietveld. This documentary showcases FC Utrecht’s efforts to combat antisemitic chants, working in partnership with the JoU Foundation and the Anne Frank House, and featuring interviews with supporters.

Towards a Galgenwaard Stadium for everyone | Short

Positive effects of the tour

The pilot project ‘Changing the Chants’, launched by Feyenoord and the Anne Frank House in Rotterdam in 2016, has produced positive results. Research by the Anne Frank House found this intensive approach has had a significant impact on some supporters. Sharing personal stories deeply moved them and prompted them to reevaluate their views on chants. Most participants reported a shift in perspective, with many deciding not to join in with unwanted chants in the future.


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