Anne Frank video diary

Series on YouTube

In search of a new way of telling Anne Frank’s life story to young people, in partnership with the Anne Frank House, Every Media developed the Anne Frank video diary: an online video series on YouTube based on the diary of Anne Frank. Every Media produced the sequel, After the Arrest, in partnership with the Anne Frank House and the Dutch public-service broadcaster NTR.

After the arrest

After the Arrest, follows Anne’s life story after the period in hiding. From an indeterminate time and place, Anne looks back on the events after the arrest – the last six months of her life in the concentration camps – telling of them in monologues.

The Anne Frank video diary: After the arrest

Anne Frank video diary

The Anne Frank video diary can be seen on YouTube in fifteen episodes. Luna Cruz Perez plays Anne Frank, sharing her life in the Secret Annex, her thoughts and her feelings with the camera. All characters, locations, and events in the series are based on Anne Frank's diary letters.

The Anne Frank video diary

Video tour Anne Frank House: Anne's story

Fragments from the Anne Frank video diary are used in the online video tour Anne's story. This video tour guides young viewers through the Anne Frank House using footage filmed in the museum, with a virtual Anne Frank as their guide. The video tour is enhanced with historical images and thus clips from the Anne Frank video diary.

Video tour Anne Frank House, Anne's story