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The Anne Frank video diary can be seen on YouTube in fifteen episodes. Luna Cruz Perez plays Anne Frank, sharing her life in the Secret Annex, her thoughts and her feelings with the camera. All characters, locations, and events in the series are based on Anne Frank's diary letters.

In a number of countries, including the USA, Spain and Mexico, the copyright on the diaries of Anne Frank has not yet expired. Therefore, unfortunately, the Anne Frank video diary series cannot be seen there.

‘I’m excited about this video diary. By replacing the diary with a camera, young people can easily imagine themselves in that situation back then, when Anne Frank lived. The idea took some getting used to, but I think it’s good that Anne Frank’s story has been transferred to modern times.’

Anne films herself

Anne Frank video diary follows Anne Frank from 29 March 1944 onwards. She is 14 years old and has been living in hiding for over a year and a half, together with her parents Otto and Edith, sister Margot, Auguste and Hermann van Pels, their son Peter, and Fritz Pfeffer. Anne films herself and the events in the Secret Annex, looks back on the time before they went into hiding, talks about the war, and shares her deepest thoughts and feelings. The video diary ends on 4 August 1944, when Anne and the seven other people from the Secret Annex, as well as two of their non-Jewish helpers, are arrested.

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Nine languages

Anne Frank video diary consists of fifteen episodes and can be seen in over 60 countries on The video series is in Dutch, with subtitles in German, English, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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We made educational episodes to accompany seven of the fifteen episodes of Anne Frank video diary. The educational episodes explain and elaborate on what can be seen in the video diaries.

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In this activity, primary school pupils fold their own workbooks and answer viewing and thinking questions that are linked to the Anne Frank video diary and the additional educational episodes.

Anne Frank video diary for primary education


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