Inheritance or bequest

Support the Anne Frank House

You could appoint the Anne Frank House as an heir in your will, but you can also leave the House a bequest. Such bequests are not liable to inheritance tax. By appointing the Anne Frank House as your heir or by leaving a bequest, you contribute in a very personal way to the realisation of the aims and to the future development of the Anne Frank House.


You could also decide to appoint the Anne Frank House as the heir or one of the heirs to your estate. You are free to determine the percentage of the estate to be inherited by the Anne Frank House. It is possible to appoint a number of individuals or charities as your heirs.


Alternatively, you may decide to include a bequest to the Anne Frank House in your will. Leaving a bequest means that the Foundation receives a specific amount of money or specific property from your estate. A bequest can be large or small and can consist, for instance, of a house, a stock portfolio, a single piece of art, or a sum of money.  

Drawing up a will

You can have your will drawn up by a civil-law notary, who can inform you about the possibilities and costs. If you decide to include the Anne Frank House in your will, your civil-law notary will need the following information:

Anne Frank Stichting, with its registered office in Amsterdam
P.O. Box 730, 1000 AS Amsterdam
Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce number: 33129466

Personal advice

If you would like additional information or advice regarding the options for including the Anne Frank House in your will, please contact us for an informal meeting. We will be happy to discuss your wishes and go over the various options with you.


For further information, please contact Saskia Matheron by email: or by phone: +31 (0)20) 5567100.