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Travelling exhibitions and activities

The Anne Frank exhibition was reintroduced in Portugal in 2010. Since then, the exhibition and the Free2choose debate programme have been travelling the country.

Through this link below you will find the online material in Portuguese PT and BR on this website.

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The travelling exhibition

As a first step, a dozen youth volunteers were trained in June 2010. During the tour of the exhibition Anne Frank -  uma história para hoje these students guided school groups. In the summer of 2010, a special presentation of the exhibition took place in the Porto IKEA shopping plaza. It attracted thousands of visitors, who took a break from their shopping to walk through the exhibition.

Since the opening, the project has been set up in more than 60 different locations across the country and was visited by more than 200,000 people. Approximately 120 guides were trained before the exhibition came to their schools, libraries, and public spaces.

The exhibition will be substituted by a new one, Let me be myself - the Life Story of Anne Frank.

The tour of the Anne Frank exhibition is organised by the Anne Frank House in conjunction with its Portuguese partners, such as the Paula Frassinetti School of Education, the University of Porto, Amnesty International, the Paulo Freire Institute, and the Portuguese Youth Institute.

Free2choose and Free2choose-Create

Together with the Anne Frank exhibition, Free2choose, the debate programme on conflicting freedom rights, was also introduced in Portugal. Teachers and students participated in workshop to familiarise themselves with the concept of the project.

The students created several new Free2choose-Create film clips, dealing with the Right to Privacy. The clips are being used in multiple teacher training seminars throughout the country.

So far, dozens of seminars for teachers and students have been held throughout the country. The participating students created more than 10 clips.

Free2choose-Create youtube channel

Anne Frank's Tree

On the occasion of the opening of the Anne Frank exhibition in Marco de Canaveses (28 January 2011) a sapling of the chestnut tree that is mentioned in Anne Frank’s diary was planted by Manuel Moreira, mayor of the Marco de Canaveses. The tree is meant to serve as a monument to remember the children who died from persecution, like Anne Frank. Along with the ceremony, some short films about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, produced by the youth from ART (Association of Therapeutic Response) were broadcasted. These clips explored individual cases of human rights violations.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights film clips


For more information on the activities organised in Portugal, please contact the Anne Frank House project coordinator.